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January 17, 20200

With winter just taking hold in the Pine Tree State, you may be wondering how you can best go about hiring an electrician in central Maine to get your home’s electrical ready for spring and summer. A knowledgable residential electrician, like those at A.L. Electric Inc. in Sabattus, Maine could be your ticket to upgraded appliances, powering up your garage, remodeling a kitchen or bathroom, creating a more efficient electrical system, or even installing a generator to have power when a bad winter storm rolls in.

What to Know Before Hiring an Electrician in Central Maine:

If you’ve never called on a residential electrician in Central Maine before, you may not know what services they offer or what they can do for you. It’s more than you think. It’s not just installing outlets and doing minor rewiring. In Maine, it could mean installing a new electrical system at your home, camp, or businesses. It could mean finally powering up the patio, or that new home theater you’ve been dreaming of. Depending on your needs and the scope of your project, a trustworthy local electrician can complete your project in as little as a few hours.

Below are some of the projects the electrical team at A.L. Electric, Inc. can provide residential customers in Sabattus and Central Maine:

New Electrical System Installation

Before putting up the sheetrock in your home or business, all of the electrical components – including the hookups and wires – necessary for power, need to be installed. Building a new home can be incredibly exciting, but many people find that they get so consumed by the design and project management aspects of their new home that crucial elements, such as its electrical requirements, can be overlooked. The consequences facing your home can have long lasting negative affects on many elements throughout your home.

Electrician for Home Remodel

Any sort of kitchen or bathroom remodel isn’t just cosmetic. There’s a lot of functional parts to either room and you need an electrical professional to make sure those parts are still working properly as you get through your remodel process. Experienced electricians can bridge construction, design, and actual functionality when you need your appliances and lights flipped back on. Upgrade your old lighting to new recessed, high-efficiency lights. Replace the inefficient heating system with new heat pumps, or replace a stove, dishwasher, or refrigerator. Remember that calling an electrical professional is extremely important before you start demoing walls, messing with old wiring, or installing a new appliance that may require different electrical specifications than your old one.

Electrical Panel Upgrades

The electrical panel is the center of electrical activity and control in your home. Most homeowners do not realize when their electrical panel needs an upgrade. Out of date panels can be a liability for your house and damaged panels can even become a hazard. If you suspect the panel is bad or have not had it checked in a while, call an electrician to take a look for you and offer installation advice. Buying or selling your house or camp? You may be required to have an electrician take a look at the electrical panel. It’s always best to safe and keep your panel in proper working order.

Indoor Lighting

Hiring a professional electrician to help you redesign your indoor lighting is an excellent way to give your home a fresh look without having to opt for extensive remodeling work. You will also want to hire a professional to handle the indoor lighting installation for new home construction.

Outdoor Lighting

Are you completing landscaping work at your home or business? You can make the finishing touches more enjoyable with landscape lighting! Are you looking for ways to illuminate your yard and walkways after dark with subtle but effective outdoor lighting solutions? While it may be tempting to try to install landscape lighting on your own, there are a few reasons you may find that hiring an electrician to install your landscape lighting produces the best results, including proper installation that is weather proof and safe, efficient products, layout, and setup, and a beautiful final result that matches your vision.


Even if you don’t have a big project in the works, an electrician can provide general home checks and maintenance throughout the electrical work of your home. Have a bad outlet, an appliance on the fritz, power surges, or other day to day electrical issues? A residential electrician is your person to go to.

Related Questions

How Much Does an Electrician in Central Maine Cost?

Depending on where you live and what services you need, prices vary. In general, the going rate per hour for an electrical job is somewhere between $40-$100. An additional fee for travel and labor expenses will likely apply. For larger projects these numbers will grow and change depending on what you negotiate with your electrician.

Why Should I Hire a Professional Electrician in Central Maine for My Indoor Lighting Installation?

  • Better, more attractive design: Expert electricians know how powerful a light you will need for soft, low-glare lighting. and how to create the right kind of accenting that will make your home’s interior attractive without creating unpleasant glares and harsh shadowing.
  • Increased efficiency: A poor lighting installation could mean excess electrical power going to lights. An electrician will make sure that your new lights reduce energy waste and operate efficiently.
  • Stay up to code: Keep your home within the safety restrictions of the local version of the National Electrical Code. The application of the NEC differs from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, but a professional electrician will know the code for your area and see that your lighting lives up to it.
  • Speed: Consider the amount of time and risk it will take you to try to perform the indoor installation yourself. The small savings you might receive are simply not worth it.

A.L. Electric, Inc. is a full service electrician in Central Maine that has been working with businesses and residents for over 25 years. Owner and State of Maine Master Electrician Alan Lovejoy founded the company in Sabattus to serve the greater Androscoggin and Kennebec Counties region. We take care of our customers by providing complete customer satisfaction for every job we perform; residential, commercial and industrial. Our electrical services include new home wiring, generator service and installation, electrical code and service upgrades, surge protection and much more! Contact A.L. Electric, Inc. in Sabattus, Maine today to Get Started!

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